Il rumore della vittoria

The human being is so "spoiled": if he finds anomalies in the people he meets, automatically and sometimes unconsciously, he classifies without pausing to think about the causes.
Generally, you understand the meaning of the verb "HEAR" by listening to the voices of the people around you, the voices of the world that surrounds us and that are the daily soundtrack of our days.HEARING is the beginning of a dialogue with a person you've just met
HEARING is stoping in front of a loud noise
HEARING is to be present in a crowded placeHEARING is this but not only ...HEARING is also looking at the lips of our interlocutor, It is to feel the heat and the breath when it approaches, It's a lot of work by the brain to focus on living in the midst of more people , to follow the trend of conversations ...
HEARING is to be present with everyone with all your senses, not only with your auditory sense, It is a skill that does not feel "different" or "inferior" but more alive.

Ilaria Galbusera and Antonio Guzzardi in their documentary "The Noise of Victory" inspired me to write this article, which I would like to end with some passages from their masterpiece, sharing with you the beauty and the depth:

"Noise ... noise is an action to make your presence felt in society, a society that itself is noise, movement, confusion, a series of events that those who want to be part of our reality do not stop looking and listening to ....
Victory is the overcoming of stereotypes, of conformism. It is the victory over preconceptions, diversity, victory over the media; Victory in life’s choices, in school, in family, at work ..."



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